SDS Tap Pedal
by Sandy Sims

The panel shown above the finished case, less a couple of screws. It's one of those
"Hey I could fit it in this!" projects, made before the board was even drawn up!
Fortunately I managed to stuff it all inside, including enough battery power :D


Due to a Patent decision, I have had to remove this project (sadly because I worked on it for so long!) from the site, but as soon as it is resolved I'll put it back up! Probably in Jan 2014.


Disclaimer: This is not an instructional page to build or manufacture the above project, nor are there any guarantees of accuracy herein.
This page is an "of interest" discussion, and the project is intended for my own personal use.
If you have any questions, or wish to pursue this project, you may contact me (Sandra) at fresh(at)
Project Copyright : Fresh Nelly Musik

SDS Tap user manual  PIC .hex file